Here you can find a group of photographs that compile the different embossed I could collect as well as the patents of different fly traps dated from 1859 to 2008 (go to US Patents).

Most of them were obtained through Internet using "save as", giving as result the quality you can see.

In case you get:

- fly traps with embossed not included here
- photographs of better quality than the ones exposed
and you would like to cooperate with this task, please send me:
- a photograph of the entire bottle and
- another of the embossed,

including the name you wish to be indicated.

In case you are owner of any photograph reproduced and your name is not included please let me know and I will include it.

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  Embossed alphanumeric / numeric
  • Numeric references
  • References of patents
      Decorative elements
  • Geometric elements
  • Symbols
  • Advertising
  • Others
      Report of embossed (only alphanumeric)
    I would also thank you if you could send me photographs of the fly traps you have got, although they have no embossed or marks, to let me compare them with the ones I have got.